Command Health

ASCs have revolutionized and transformed how surgeries are performed in the United States. 

Now, Command Health makes certain your ASC is not left out of the next revolution… Genomics. 

Command Health also delivers the next evolution in physician satisfaction and productivity while revolutionizing your communication capabilities. 

No upfront costs, no long term commitments, no complicated training or installation. 

Just real savings and real results that immediately elevate your ASC to the next level.









Maximize what you do best...

Your surgeons are your most valuable resource Maximize the value of their time by minimizing inconvenience and aggravation



Better Technology, Immediate Savings, Integrated Secure Messaging, Automated Quality Metrics, Remote Schedule Access, Faster Turnaround, Real-Time Analytics, Coding Support, Patient Radar

FAQ #1

It sounds too good to be true… what’s the catch?

The catch is we can’t make this offer to every ASC.  Your center would need to meet our qualifying criteria.  More than 20% of centers fail to qualify, but if you do qualify, the entire solution set is yours with no obligation.

FAQ #2

Does my center qualify to receive the technology and savings for free?

Qualifying, in large part, depends on your case mix. Almost 80% of centers that apply are accepted, so take 2 minutes to submit the form below. We’ll let you know, either way, within 72 hours.

If accepted, you will need to submit a follow-up form and we will then certify your center’s guaranteed savings amount before you present to your board or make a decision.

Note: Applications are accepted–and implementations are scheduled–based on date first submitted

Hereditary Cancer Screening

Complete solution and support for all aspects of Genetic Testing

Effective Real-Time Surgeon Engagement

Secure and Case-Centric Messaging, Notices, and eSignature.

Cut your current costs

See guarantee below.

Automated Patient Tracker

Real time radar status updates broadcast to your waiting room and the patient’s remote family members. secure customized URL and Coded Patient ID Tagging dedicated to your center.

Footnote: The Patient Tracking Radar service is free. Some discounted equipment and configuration costs may be involved, dependent on the size of your center.

Remote Real-Time Case View

Mobile access for surgeons.
Custom desktop views for referral offices and anesthesiologists.

Route documents and forms to physician for eSignature

Rapid turnaround on missing documentation.

Protect your surgeon’s time, productivity, and revenue

Every minute counts and doctors count every minute.

Automated Distribution

Fax, auto-print, HL7 interfaces, and secure online access.

Automated Coding and RCM Support

Close the communication gaps with real time analytics and secure messaging.

Better Performance

Tracking and the right tools to positively impact performance.
Radar-Track personnel and resources.
Monitoring and reporting toolset.
Significantly compress A/R.

Future Proof Your ASC

Mitigate Medical and Revenue Liability

Protect public and payer profiles.

Surgery Status Updates

Green-light cases and resolve deficiencies with real time notifications.

Mobile Image Access

Fast, easy, case-centric.

Enhanced Relationship Management

Hospitals, Referring Physicians, Patients.

72 hour Acuity and Triage Protocol Support

Reduce liability.
Enhance hospital relationships.
Encourage complex case flow.

Simplified Authorization Workflow

Fully integrated with scheduling and coding.
Designed for team collaboration.

Built in EMPI, Interoperability and HIE solutions

Powerful, user friendly dashboards.

Automated Quality and Outcomes Data 

Analytics that prove your outcomes, patient safety, and efficacy to attract higher acuity complex cases.

Integrated Mobile OP Note templates

Replacement for paper op notes or computer workflows.

Secure bi-directional communication

The risks of getting it wrong are high and getting it right has never been more important.

Strengthens and protects case referral flow.
Keeps your surgeons in 24/7 contact.
Immediate deficiency resolution.

Real time reconciliation & workflow support

Coding, RFI, RCM, Authorizations, Scheduling, etc.

Dedicated real time engagement from domestic transcriptionists and analysts

Because it matters.

Guaranteed 20% savings on transcription with 20 minute to 2 hour turnaround


Data Concierge Service.